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Slush started as a bit of a side hustle by my wonderful partner in creative crime, Lois! She is rad. Lois’ main game is design and illustration, but Slush started to demand more and more time, so that’s where I come in. I’m a big fan of admin and I LOVE spreadsheets…I know how to party right!?

Slush had always been just a bit of fun on the side, but then it gained momentum and we quickly started working with some amazing artists and athletes. Local events began asking if we’d like to partner with them and suddenly it all started to feel a little real.

We are still small scale. We still produce small lines of hand dyed, hand printed garments. No two are the same, and we have put in a lot of effort into each one. Each line we produce has a little story behind it, whether it’s a charity collaboration, event T, athlete and artist collab, or just one of our designs straight from Lois’ head. We continue to enjoy the journey and the satisfaction of carrying out every step of production ourselves. Designing, dyeing, printing and delivering apparel to you safe and sound!

When it comes to the garments themselves, we have some pretty strong morals we want to stick to. As much as possible we use responsibly sourced Fair Trade clothing made with 100% organic cotton.

We believe that actions speak louder than words here at Slush so we try and work our values into our image as much as possible. We believe in equality; we include all walks of life; all genders and all shapes and sizes. Style is for the masses not the few.

There’s still so much I could say about what we do here at Slush, but this is an “about” section, not my private novel. So I will leave it there. But honestly, when you are passionate about something you should be able to talk endlessly about it. That’s how you know you are doing what you love.

Thanks for the time

Charlie & Lois



Photography by Samuel McMahon